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1st Aid Response, Inc. has been such an asset to our Industry. They are so reliable and arrive promptly when an incident occurs and an injury needs to be assessed. It saves our company time, resources and money. The first aid treatment, immediate drug testing and follow-up has been invaluable. I would recommend 1st Aid Response, Inc. to all interested in a professional company that offers so much to the safety industry. 1st Aid Response, Inc. responds 24/7 for respiratory testing/training, drug testing and basic first aid they are irreplaceable.

Dee Ann IsaacsSafety Manager, Flatiron West Construction

Sherwood Mechanical Inc. uses 1st Aid Response, Inc. for drug testing, pre-placement testing, and first aid injuries. They arrive to our jobsites within the hour of the initial call. The technicians are experienced and professional at all times. They genuinely care for the injured employee and go the extra mile by a follow-up phone call, checking on progress and answering any questions they may have. 1st Aid Response, Inc. helps manage our first aid injuries. We gladly recommend 1st Aid Response, Inc. to anyone.

Art OjedaSafety Risk Manager, Sherwood Mechanical Inc.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do for us here at JFM & Burner Sheet Metal. Your quick response, knowledge and professionalism are second to none! Your ability treat our employees for first aid, communicate to them in English and or Spanish and offer your recommendations has not only gained them your respect but a comfort level knowing that they are being taken care of! 1st Aid Response, Inc. continues to go above and beyond my expectations and it is greatly appreciated!

Daniel LopezSafety Director, Johnson Finch and McClure/Burner Sheet Metal

1st Aid Response, Inc. has been a critical component in our case management process. We utilize and the services provided by 1st Aid Response, Inc. in all situations that are possible. The customer services paired with bedside manner are unmatched. I highly recommend using 1st Aid Response, Inc. for all of your on site first aid injuries and training needs.

Adam Fowler, CHSTSouthern California Safety Manager, Harris Rebar

For mobile drug testing and first aid treatment in the San Diego/Los Angeles area's, 1st Aid Response, Inc. has been by far the best resource we've found to take care of those needs. They are competent and reliable, with excellent follow through, along with genuine concern for our employees.

Dennis Argleben, CHSTSafety Director, Granite Construction

1st Aid Response, Inc. has always provided us with fast, quality service. They are the first call we make when an employee receives a first aid injury. Their knowledge and experience has kept our employees healthy and productive. They work directly with Dunnum Occupational Care in San Diego, one of the best occupational care physicians in San Diego. This is certainly an added benefit to us.

Michael Mickey, CHSTCorporate Safety Manager, Marathon Construction Corporation

1st Aid Response, Inc. saves us on man-hours versus going straight to a clinic for a minor injury. Money is saved in the long run, due to time and minor injury management. The 24/7 availability, keeps the minor injuries from having to use the ER during the night shift. I highly recommend 1st Aid Response, Inc.

Bill MitchellDistrict Safety Manager, Flatiron West Construction

When it comes to the treatment and management of minor injuries I cannot say enough good things about the guys at 1st Aid Response, Inc.! They have a proven track record of successfully treating minor injuries at the first aid level. They offer outstanding on site treatment, have an extensive knowledge of the workers comp system and Cal OSHA recording requirements and have personal relationships with industrial care physicians. This all equates to a professional, effective treatment strategy for minor injuries and significantly reduces the likelihood of needless recordable injuries. Our company puts forth a tremendous effort on injury prevention but when a minor strain or scrape occurs I won’t hesitate to call 1st Aid Response, Inc.!

Jeremy Saum, CHSTSafety Director, J.F. Shea Construction

Here at Cement Cutting we all endorse 1st Aid Response, Inc. and know we can count on them to help us with any first aid, drug testing, and instruction classes we may need, and get it done in timely manner. I enjoy knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Joe DrobneyGeneral Superintendent, Cement Cutting, Inc